Cool Stitches’ Mixed Media, by Darlene Sperber

Darlene Sperber, Fiber Artist and Cool Stitches Instructor

Here at Cool Stitches we have an exciting year coming up starting with November and I am here to tell you some of the things  we have planned. I personally have so many things I like to do or try I can hardly wait to get started.

I know we are going to put together another “round robin of fun things for you to try without having to invest in costly mediums that you may never want to do again. Our first ‘round robin’ was held during the Kenneth King weekend event in October. We had 5 tables set up for you to try featuring ‘hand felting with a needle, watercolor pencils on fabric, handmade fabric beads, coloring with inks and dyes on fabric, designing with colored pencils on fabric’ and then a table where  you could make an origami hand bag using fabric you embellished with one or more of the techniques you learned. For those who took part it was a very fun and exciting conclusion to an exciting weekend.

The round robin events are just teasers, skimming the surface of what you can do to embellish your fiber items therefore we are planning in-depth workshops of some of the more popular techniques. Future round robin events will have different techniques each time since there are always new things to learn.

If there is enough interest I would like to teach a cloth doll and/or teddy bear class. Cloth dolls can be wonderful keepsakes for grand children or gifts for older children. They can be very ‘playable’ or ‘sit on the shelf and look pretty’. What about a special cuddly doll or bear for an elderly person in your life.


The Art of FABRIC COLLAGE An Easy Introduction to Creative Sewing

Some of the techniques we are going to schedule into a workshop will be taken from these books (pictures), and scheduled in conjunction with or in addition to the school of sewing classes. Your choices are going to be doll making, quilting, purses/bags, embellishments, collaging with fabric, and so much more.

An example from FABRIC EMBELLISHING The Basics and Beyond

For those who are interested I will show you how to create a handmade book consisting of all the embellishments you learned throughout the year. Something to remind you of what and how you could add to a dress, skirt or blouse to make it uniquely yours and a wonderful addition to your skills.

If you have seen or read about something you are interested in let us know in the comments below or email us at so we can get it on the agenda.





See you all at the next event.

~ Darlene Sperber


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