Happy November Everyone!

One of the things I enjoy about fall is the length of time we have to decorate with autumn trinkets. Beginning in September and running through that date when the Christmas tree pops up is really the longest season of all. It’s not long enough for all the holiday sewing I want to finish up, but we have a plan to help you with yours! Check this out:


Semi Private Lessons – Three Session Workshop. November 9th, 15th, 21st.
Essential Tote – School of Sewing. November 12th
Pleated Purse and Christmas Project – School of Sewing. December 12th
Winter Break Sewing Camp – Slumber Party/Pajama Day. December 26th – 28th


Semi-Private Sewing Lessons: November 9th, 15th, and 21st from 6:30 to 9:30 (or when you finish!). This is your perfect opportunity to make a special holiday outfit, décor, or gift because we are going to guide you through any bumps along the way and make sure it is complete.

Can’t make one of these dates? That’s okay too. You can schedule time during any of our regularly scheduled events and we will give you the same support provided in our dates above. Register today because there are only 5 seats.





Nov. SoS. Photgraphy: Lauren Hunt

November School of Sewing: November 12th, 3:00 to 6:00 (or when you’re done!). We are making The Essential Tote with a focus on

using special interfacings and installing zippers and pockets. The benefit to our School of Sewing is we provide complete kits with pre-cut pieces for your projects.

If you have a preferred fabric, you are welcome to work with it! The Essential Tote is such a great gift and can be personalized. You may just keep it for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll make more than one. Try them in all kinds of fabrics from home dec to quilted to faux leathers. It’s a great project.




Dec. Sos. Photgraphy: Lauren Hunt

December School of Sewing: December 10th, 3:00 to 6:00 (or however the day goes!) We have a pleated purse on the schedule, but stay tuned because we are scouring through holiday motif projects to provide an alternate project with a little jingle in it.

Some of our favorites are table runners, stocking ornaments, and fancy placemats. We are open to ideas too! Kits will be available for you to select when you register. Additional kits can be purchased as available in case you just can’t decide. This date is a bit earlier in the month so you can complete your holiday sewing.






Winter Break Sewing Camp!

December 26th to 28th, 10:00 to 4:00, with flexible end times on the first two days because once we get started…This promises to be a favorite! Our project theme is Slumber Party or Pajama Day, depending on your perspective!

We will work through a set of pieces beginning with a pillow case and moving on to shorts, knit top, and short kimono-style robe (unisex). If you are ambitious, you can tackle some slippers and other accessories – or finish them at home with your newly refined sewing skills.

We begin with the basics of machine use and pattern navigation, then highlight key techniques along the way that will improve your project success. Throughout the whole session, you receive instruction and guidance as you work at your own speed. You can also take a break and do our sewing related projects featured each day.


We have minimum registration requirements to hold our classes, so be sure to share this and encourage fellow stitchers or stitchers-to-be to reserve their seats!




2018 Sneak Peeks! We are working on our 2018 schedule, and have some favorite instructors on our minds. We are looking forward to having Jennifer Stern and Nancy Nix-Rice join us for sewing and styling expertise. Also, welcome our local experts, Sandra Auer, Darlene Sperber, and Carolyn Bassingwaithe, who will present some super workshops.

Our experts will cover topics such as fitting, embroidery, quilting, textile manipulation, doll-making, advanced sewing techniques, and more. Jennifer Stern is always a favorite, so we have plans to have her share her expertise and new pattern designs. Check out one of her latest tutorials: http://www.jsterndesigns.com/how-to-finish-the-v-neckline-of-the-anna-dress/

Nancy Nix-Rice will change your life by way of your closet! She is a no-nonsense stylist who will help you understand exactly what you should be wearing, and why you shouldn’t be wearing some things we think are staples. Whether you sew or not, Nancy makes getting dressed and shopping a breeze. Here’s some of Nancy’s tips to get you started: https://www.nancynixrice.com/style-tips/




EverSewn Sparrow25

Sewing Machines for Christmas! Did you know we have entry level, travel worthy sewing machines? They are EverSewn machines, and this month we introduce the EverSewn Sparrow 25. The computer-controlled EverSewn Sparrow 25 is the top model in this series. You may want this on your Christmas list.

It offers everything a creative sewer could need, at a very attractive price/performance ratio. The Sparrow 25 boasts 197 stitch patterns in total, including 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet stitch. Decorative stitches can be set up to a width of 7 mm, as desired. The memory function allows individual stitch combinations to be saved. In addition to features such as the slide speed control, start/stop function and needle stop up/down, the EverSewn Sparrow 25 also has a bright sewing light. Seven presser feet (soles) come standard with this model.

The machines are an average of 13lbs and have a solid feel to them! Perfect for traveling. You can check out and shop for all the Eversewn machines right here.  We guarantee our machines, and when you buy from Cool Stitches, we will provide a complimentary first servicing/cleaning too!



Speaking of Sewing Machine Servicing! Did you know we service all makes and models

of sewing machines? Yes. We. Do. For a limited time, the servicing rate is $89.00. The regular rate is $129.00. All work is guaranteed, and since we’re close-by, you always have a resource for any machine problems that may occur. Our Guarantee. If a machine we have serviced fails to perform due to items we adjusted or replaced within 30 days after the service date, we will service it at no charge.

Make Your Appointment – Your machine will love you.





Here’s a reminder of what to check before you have to call in your mechanic (that’s me!): Thread, Needle, Threading, Tension – in this order.

Thread. Are you using a good grade of sewing machine thread? Hand sewing or quilting thread will not work on a sewing machine. Cheap (3 for $1) thread will result in poor stitch quality. Old thread will break.

Needle. Have you correctly installed a NEW needle of the correct size for the fabric being sewn? For example, using a small size 8 needle to sew heavy denim will result in broken needles. Your machine is designed to use the modern 130/705 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­H needle system. Dull, bent or incorrectly installed needles will result in nonperformance.

Threading. Is your machine threaded as indicated in your instruction book? If you do not have an instruction book, we may be able to order one for you. If you do not have an instruction book, please thread the machine exactly as it was threaded when we returned it.

Tension. Check our tension setting when your machine is returned. We have adjusted your machine so this setting is near mid-range (usually around #5 for machines with a tension dial graduated from 0 to 9) on your tension dial and will be the correct tension for most fabrics. The correct setting is always where the upper and lower threads meet in the center of the fabric. Cranking the tension to a high setting will result in puckered fabric, skipped stitches, broken needles and broken thread. A low setting will result in puckered fabric, thread loops under the fabric, broken thread, broken needles and a jammed machine.


What do you want to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Join us on Pinterest to share ideas.

What have you made? Post your photos here!

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