Darlene Sperber, Fiber Artist


I am excited to have been asked to do some workshops with Cool Stitches in the coming year so thought you should have a little background on me. I hope this will entice you to sign up for some or all of them. Here are my answers to your Five Questions:

  1. (Cool Stitches) How is your personality reflected in your work? Darlene: Methodical and organized.
  2. (CS) What is currently your favorite thing to make or do? D. I still love doing most any type of mixed media.
  3. (CS) Who inspires you? D. Other artists and things found in nature
  4. (CS) What is your favorite food? D. Real Mexican and Authentic Asian
  5. (CS) What do you want to do next? D. Create a better work area with less clutter and better lighting so I can find what I want/need and can see what I am doing. Then by years end perhaps I can get back to creating. 
  6. (yep – it’s a bonus question) What would you ask a fellow artist? D. What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

Darlene Sperber. Fiber Artist and Instructor for Cool Stitches.

It is never too early or too late to learn how to sew. I learned to sew when I was around the age of 6 or so…My grandmother had an old treadle machine which I could work perfectly but my learning was done on my mother’s Singer. I made simple garments back then with mostly inexpensive (by today’s standards) fabric. Using scraps, I designed and then stitched by hand, doll clothes to fit my bride doll which most young girls received around the age of 9 or 10, usually as a Christmas or birthday gift. These dolls were supposed to adorn your bed sitting primly on the pillows after you made the bed of course. But mine was a mannequin I used for fashionable clothes I designed. So, I have been sewing and creating for more years then I care to admit. I consider myself a self-taught mixed media artist which basically means I love all types of art mediums including sewing and am willing to try most anything at least once.

In the late 90’s I found a new love in doll making. I taught myself to make cloth dolls in all shapes, sizes and types. During that time I facilitated a couple of doll clubs both here and in Washington and made lifelong friends in both. I attended several doll making conferences and taught many classes.

Before moving to Fleming Island from Citrus Springs, I belonged to Rainbow Quilters, Cracker Quilters Guild and Creative Quilters Guild where I learned to quilt and do needle turn applique. While in American Sewing Guild and The Sewing Society I held classes for both groups. Doll classes for ASG, where we made charity dolls and teddy bears for the homeless children in Citrus County, and an embellishments class with the Sewing Society group.

In recent years I have documented most of my art and sewing on a blog which you can visit here if you want to see some of my work. Now I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite things with all of you at a Cool Stitches workshop.

~ Darlene Sperber ~