Sandra Auer, Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor and Trained Sewing Instructor

My introduction to sewing was in a 7th grade Home Ec. class more than 40 years ago. I made a reversible wrap skirt, and I was hooked! I went on to make most of my clothes throughout my teenage, young adult, and stay-at home
mom years, and also sewed for others: family, friends, and clients. But when I had to return to work full time, there just wasn’t time for something I really regarded as a hobby, and though I always maintained some sort of hand project (knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, etc.), my sewing was mostly restricted to mending, occasional school projects, and quilting.

By the time I returned to garment sewing, I could no longer just open a pattern and expect to be able to make something that would fit me. I had never really needed to alter a pattern, other than taking in a waistline, and therefore never learned how. The idea of making garments I couldn’t wear was very frustrating to me, as was the thought of abandoning sewing for myself altogether, but sewing mistakes today can be very costly in the way of wasted materials and wasted time! So I began to explore the whole topic of pattern fitting and found various methods and techniques, all of which, if done properly, will yield successful results. However, the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method seemed to be the simplest to understand and the easiest one to do by yourself. Realizing that others would also benefit from this knowledge, in 2010 I completed training in Orlando, Florida and achieved the designation of Trained Sewing Instructor through the Sew & Craft Alliance and traveled to Portland, Oregon to complete training with Pati Palmer and Marta Alto and become a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor in the area of Fit.

While I love to introduce basic skills in my quilting and beginning to intermediate sewing classes, my specialty is in the area of Fit. I meet more and more women whose stories mimic my own, who love to sew but have really given up on garment sewing in favor of more crafty projects because of the fitting issues they experience as their bodies change with age. It is my passion to demystify the Fit process for them, and I derive great satisfaction from seeing a woman who has taken my class or workshop wearing a beautiful and well-fitted garment that she has made herself.

Each of my Fit classes and workshops are an excellent complement to the sewing classes offered by Cool Stitches. Whether you are new to sewing and have already encountered the frustration of investing time, effort, and money into a garment that you aren’t going to be able to actually wear, or you are taking a refresher sewing course and are realizing that your body has changed, in my classes/workshops you can expect a clear explanation of both the principles of Fit and the methods of adjustment. Class sizes in the hands-on classes are limited to allow for optimal individual attention.