Semi-Private Sewing Lessons

Your Project, Your Pace, Your Sewing Success!

Our Semi-private Sewing Lessons are ideal for Beginners, Advanced Beginners, and Intermediate Sewists. Recommended for a maximum of five (5) seats for each set of three sessions provides your group an opportunity to learn to sew, or sew better, with face to face instructor support to the degree you want or need it. You select your project and we will plan it together, work through the sewing techniques required to accomplish it at your own personal pace.


Session One is all about planning and preparing, so no materials are required – just your machine and your project idea or pattern. We begin with machine basics to ensure you can confidently and efficiently use your sewing machine throughout construction. Next we plan your project and build your supply list. We will cover fabric and notion options prior to your shopping adventure, along with what you will be doing to prepare your materials for the second session. Note that we are available to help you select your project in advance of the first session with just an email or call 904-553-7831.

In Session Two we move to fitting, cutting, and potentially the start of your construction depending on the complexity of your project. We will guide you and answer questions along the way to make sure you get the most out of your classes.

In Session Three we cover additional construction and finishing techniques so you can work through your project to completion.

We have sergers, a cover stitch machine, specialty tools to try out, cutting and ironing stations. Our Tabletop Market has basic supplies for sale you may find come in handy too!

Gather your group, select your venue, and call to schedule your Semi-Private Sewing Lessons. You will bring along your sewing machine, accessories, and users manual; along with a basic sewing kit that includes shears, snips, pins, pin cushion, seam ripper, gauge or small ruler, threads, machine and hand sewing needles. We’ll have extras and you can always shop in our Tabletop Marketplace in case you find you’re missing something along the way.

Email for details.