September 2017 News and Updates

It’s September! Already! How are you adjusting to school being in session, and all those fall activities getting under way? I love fall! It sneaks up on us, but carries us from summer to such colorful and fun holidays. We have a lot in store to provide you with new adventures and tickle your creativity with our new sewing workshops, new instructors joining us, new fiber arts track, and our awesome sewing weekend featuring renowned designer Kenneth King, as well as sewing machine servicing! So, serve yourself some pumpkin spice something and dig in to our news and updates. Thanks for stopping by, Debbi 

Sewing Machine Repair Services!

I am now accepting all makes and models of sewing machines for servicing. For now, the base rate for regular cleaning and servicing is $89. Your service starts with a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure I understand everything you are experiencing with your machine. You may then schedule to drop off your machine with deposit at my house, and I will contact you when service is complete. All work is guaranteed. Click here to request your service. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 904-553-7831 or

You Can Sew

September 12, 19, 27. I’m really excited about this workshop series because I love garment sewing. With this, we’ll share some great tips and techniques that will help you love it too. Watch for this in-person, 3-workshop series about once a quarter. What’s so great about these is the opportunity to tackle a new project with step by step guidance and demonstration as you confidently create your next wardrobe addition.

This month’s series begins with planning. We review the pattern and make sure you can navigate the directions. Then we address fitting and measuring so you finish with something that works! We discuss ideal fabric options for the item we are making, and provide tips for selecting and preparing the right fabric and notions for the project at hand.

We will be working together through every step of the project so you have the opportunity to see each step demonstrated, and have the advantage of personal assistance with any questions you have along the way.

We will explore optional ways to accomplish a variety of construction techniques for fast and couture sewing throughout the project so you can employ them when and where you’d like to do so – your choice. You will also have the opportunity to test serging and coverstitch machines if you’d like, along with a variety of hand-stitching skills you may want to develop.

My favorite THREADS Tips

I just learned that Crayola’s new Ultra-Clean Washable Markers make great marking tools so I ran out to get a box for myself and try them. I love the fact that I have fine tip washable markers in a variety of colors. They are noted to perform as well as or better than dressmaker’s markeing pens, and certainly cost less. They are designed to rinse out in cold water, and the tipster says warm water and peroxide will definitely work – even when ironed. As with any marking tools, test them in an inconspicuous spot first!

School of Sewing

Our School of Sewing project for September 17th is a very versatile clutch that features a zippered closure, lined flap, and wristlet attached with hardware. I like these clutches because they can be created in luxe fabrics to stand out for use day or evening, or any of a wide variety of textured or printed fabrics for fun and utility. Your fabric and interfacing selections give them added body to hold up to regular use. Slide them in a briefcase, suitcase, or backpack to pull our your most needed items quickly, and in style! You’ll learn how to utilize hardware and interfacings, and gain tips on sewing together different fabric types. It’s a great demonstration of alternate uses of a variety of fabrics!

More School of Sewing

Did you really love one of our projects and now that you’re getting more proficient in your skills, want to make more of them? Easypeasy. We have additional kits for each of our projects available in our Pop-up Sewing Store on workshop dates. Kits ($10-$15) include pre-cut pieces as well as notions. You provide thread, machine, and talent! You can also purchase the School of Sewing book ($20) with full illustrations, or email me for a link to the class notes.

Sewing Supplies Order: Pillow forms $4.99

Send me your shopping list by September 8th If you have any sewing or craft related items you need. Every month I place an order in advance of our workshops to ensure we have everything we need, and to explore new items or notions to introduce to the class. If you have any sewing or craft related items you need, send me your wish list by the 5th of the month (9/8 this month) and I will include your items on our order. This includes notions, threads, supplies, tools, and things like sewing feet! My overhead is low enough I can offer you some pretty competitive prices, but if you need to know the price before I place the order – be sure to let me know in your email. For example, 14” pillow forms for your August project are $4.99 – how many do you need?

Kenneth King

Did you see our sewing event in Jacksonville Magazine’s Community Calendar? 😊 We are looking forward to our sewing weekend featuring Kenneth D. King! He is a legendary designer and his lecture and workshop promise to be a wonderful experience. You can expect an exceptional experience on Sunday, which include a hands-on session for which you will receive a kit to accomplish your own project.

We’ve been working on our complementary Monday workshop and can’t wait to share it with you. Since Kenneth is presenting Embellishments and Trims, we want to present something around decorating fabric. Our workshop provides you the adventure to experiment with a variety of media to do just that – from doodles and zentangles to freehand drawings done in things like fabric pens, inks, crayons on a variety of fabric types. Once you select your favorite sample, we have a unique fabric decorating project with lots of construction design options to highlight your work.

I love a good sewing weekend! Pre-event cocktails on Saturday evening, the legendary Kenneth D. King hosts our feature event all day on Sunday, and Monday’s intriguing fabric decoration workshop certainly fits the bill! Register here.

Fiber Arts:

We are introducing a series of workshops that are quire intriguing and can probably only be described as we present them because the genre covers so much ground – and so will we!

Wikipedia says, “Fiber art refers to fine art whose material consists of naturalor synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labour on the part of the artist as part of the works’ significance, and prioritizes aesthetic value over utility”.

To give you a little teaser, We’ll explore techniques and materials for manipulating textiles through monoprinting, splash and puddle painting, stamping and weaving with found objects, burned edge applique, quiltigami, foiling, and incorporating a wide variety of stitching and needlework to add dimension, depth, and texture. One of my favorites is flower pounding that results in delicate floral and leaf motifs on silks you can turn into beautiful scarves.

The ideas are endless, and the workshops will be quite inspiring and fun. Watch for 2018 dates in the newsletters and be sure to get your seats early for these popular events. Details will begin to evolve over the coming newsletter issues! 

Sewing Trivia

Here’s a link to a Wikipedia glossary of sewing terms! Did you want to know what an armscye is? Hey, it’s just the opening in the bodice piece where the sleeve is attached.  What else do you want to know?!

September’s Featured Item

Welcome to the Bordeaux Ultimate Shears 200. These have become my favorite sewing scissors. I came across them because Nancy Zieman said they are her favorites and I have come to trust Nancy through her 36 years of sewing lessons provided on public television. Nancy is retiring due to her health, and the sewing community is filled with sorrow and gratitude for her. This is my small act to honor her. So, about the scissors: They are Great for cutting patterns and trimming seams. The longer blades easily cut through multiple layers of fabric. Innovative technology ensures a fine cut and surpassed durability. Soft-touch handle minimizes fatigue for extended use and easy grip, with little pressure for precise cuts! Includes genuine leather sheath. 7-3/4 in. These will be offered for a special price during each of our workshops for participants. Our regular price is $58.50. Orders are submitted on the 5th of the month. is a great place to fulfill your stash building needs or find that one thing you need for your project. Cool Stitches is an affiliate, and if you use this link to start your shopping experience, we get credit for that! Check out their newest arrivals! Thanks so much for doing so! Shop Now – and thanks!

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